Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Split is here!

Exciting night. I just finished doling out copies of "Split" that finally came in. We ordered these about two weeks ago (112 copies) and it took a while for it get printed I guess. Regardless, it's finally here.

We met at Panera Bread to pass the copies out and spread them all out on a table (well, most of them, anyway). I'll post pictures later. I'm guessing that this is the mid-point of "Split's" life cycle. We still have to have a massive group signing where we all sign each others' books. Then we have to figure out if and how we want to actively market this book. I imagine we'll send a copy to the newspaper that ran a story on us a few weeks ago. Theresa has already said she wants to send a copy to Oprah. We can probably see if Barnes and Noble can do a signing or something for us. And we might get a Split website where we can post links to the Lulu or Amazon pages, and make it available for download if we so choose.

But bottom line, it's tangible proof that we CAN and should continue to write and if nothing else, this is our inspiration to be bigger and better things.

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Humble Fiction Cafe said...

Hey Victor,
Split Yay!
Oh BTW - You've been tagged... Your challenge is to write 10 ways you know a story has been written by you. Check out the rules at Humble Fiction Cafe.