Friday, March 07, 2008

"Split" is alive!

(hit the pause button on the slideshow and advance it frame by frame if it goes too fast to read)

After many many months of writing and proofing and editing and book formatting and cover designing and master copy uploading and ordering, the happy day finally arrived when we were all able to hold our little book in our hands.

"Split" is the anthology written by my writing group, Humble Fiction Cafe. The theme of this anthology is 'dichotomies', or something that has two opposing aspects. Examples include War and Peace; Real and Imagined; Love and Hate; Body, Soul and Spirit, and many more. Each story examines either one side of the dichotomy, or both sides within the same tale. A group of the stories also form a loose continuity, as one story inspired another which inspired another leading us to tie them together even closer and make them all fit together.

It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and we're all very proud of this book.

If you'd like to read this masterpiece yourself, please order your copy right here.

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Sheryl Tuttle said...

Big grin! What a nice presentation and announcement of the new arrival!