Thursday, July 10, 2008

Greatest First Dance Ever

Back in the early days of my previous company, MediaPost, we supplemented our income by doing wedding videos.  Lots of them.  I still do the occasional wedding for family and friends, but it's thankfully only once or twice a year now.  The highlight of how we do the wedding videos is making a "music video" out of the couple's first dance.  Check out here and here for some examples of wedding highlight videos I've done.  (Writing this blog post reminds me I have to get around to finally editing my brother's wedding from 2007...)

But unless these weddings are done for family or friends, they are excruciating to attend and edit.  They're all the same.  Mind-numbing after the first half-dozen or so.  Everyone chooses the same five songs as their First Dance song.

That's why this video shows what would have been the greatest First Dance EVER.  Oh, to have had something like THIS to break the monotony of the same wedding over and over.    Enjoy.

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