Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Venture Bros. - The Lepidopterists

Now we're talking!

After a season that has so far been very very strange (not bad, but strange), we finally get a Venture Bros. that nails it. Not the least of what kept a constant smile on my face was this:

My friends, behold Ventronic! And yes, that's an ice cream cone he has for an arm (don't the episode).

This episode focused entirely on Jonas Venture Jr., Rusty's vestigal twin brother.  In fact, we didn't see Rusty or Hank or Dean at any point in this episode.  Jonas Jr. is starting to spread his Protagonist wings more and more, leading to an epic showdown between him and The Monarch. 

Too many hilarious things to mention from this episode, but the two OSI agents, Henchman #1, and Scarantula's laser cannon discussion have all moved into the Venture Bros. hall of fame.

While a lot of this season has been somewhat uneventful, they all paid off marvelously in this episode.

Watch this week's episode right here.

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