Sunday, January 29, 2006

[ new vocabulary ] plaus

This is part of an ongoing project to discover words you may not know existed. In fact, these are words the Oxford Dictionary probably doesn't know exist. But they are valid additions to the human language and should become part of your everyday vocabulary.

(note: These are NOT Sniglets ©)

The first word in the New Vocabulary is 'plaus'.

plaus (plôz)


the state of being possible, believable or valid.


"Do you really think Cindy would go out on a date with me?"

"Hmmm... that has plaus."

You would use this word to describe anything that could reasonably be expected to come to pass. If something is 'plausible', then it has plaus. If it is 'implausible', then it very likely has no plaus.

You can replace the phrase "I can definitely see that happening." with "I think that has definite plaus."

Plaus is the only noun that quantifies the amount of believability something has. Something can either have lots of plaus, or none at all.

Well, there you have the first word in the New Vocabulary. Enjoy it. Use it. Take it out in the world and discover for yourself how much plaus everything has!

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