Saturday, February 04, 2006

[ tv review ] Justice League 5.08 The Great Brain Robbery

"Am.. YOU... Bizarro's mommy?"

I've watched the scene with this quote about twenty times now, and I've laughed each time. Brilliant. The rest of this episode was pretty good, as well, but this one scene is an all-time classic.

I won't spoil it for any of you that haven't seen it yet (which is almost all of North America), but in a nutshell, through a bit of convenient mind-transference silliness, Luthor and Flash switch bodies. The Justice League is immediately aware of Luthor-in-Flash, and spend the rest of the episode trying to contain him (and in the process, finding out just how powerful Flash could be if he utilized his powers in a different way), while the Legion of Doom is unaware that Flash is now in posession of Luthor's body. Hilarity ensues as Flash tries to pass himself off as evil. (It really is funny.)

But what works best is the aforementioned scene containing Bizarro's classic quote. And he says it with such sincere longing. Your heart will break for Bizarro. For anyone that loved the Cartoon Network short featuring the old Legion of Doom arguing about mundane stuff ("Solomon Grundy want pants too!"), you'll really appreciate this. (I just watched it again... laughed again.)

I believe this episode is scheduled to run on Cartoon Network sometime in March, so set your DVRs, kids!

(guess what? I watched the scene again. Yep. Laughing.)

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