Friday, May 02, 2008

Weakness Will Be My Downfall

I'm SO angry at myself! My timidity and indecisiveness cripple yet another perfect plan.

After leaving home early this morning for work (on a 'shoot' - HA!), I made quick time to Lake Charles. Stopped at the Amry Surplus Supply store on Hwy 90 on the way in to see if they had anything new. Nothing really, but I did get a cool new black ski mask. Had breakfast at Pitt Grill in Sulphur. Read the Lagniappe (that Pierre... what a character!).

Then I made my way to the TV station and just waited on the roof of the building next to the parking lot. Around lunch, Jim attempted to slip away secretly in his vehicle. There was NO ONE else around. The streets were empty, the parking lot was empty. It was PERFECT.

But I couldn't do it. Something held me back yet again. Curse my weakness!!

He drove off moments later and that was that.

I raced back home in time to pick my son up from school and now here I am, being eaten up from the inside by my shortcomings.

I am in a dark mood...

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