Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's Hockey Playoff Time!

It's lonely being a hockey fan in the South. Rarely do you ever find yourself in a random hockey conversation with a fellow fan. But it was my first sports love and remains a big part of my life to this day. While I'm not the hockey nut I was fifteen to twenty years ago, I still get chills when I hear this song:

The 2008 playoffs started tonight and the team I'm pulling for, the Pittsburgh Penguins, won their opening game with a 4-0 shutout. I'll be surprised if the Penguins don't win the Stanley Cup this year. With young superstars like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury (as all the non-hockey fans' eyes glaze over), this team is on the verge of becoming as exciting as the 1980's Edmonton Oilers led by Gretzky, Messier, Coffey, Kurri, Anderson, Fuhr and all the others.

So the playoffs start today, and will finish sometime in early June. It'll be a long three months, but as long as the Pens are in it, I'm glued to my TV.


Steve Ballmer said...

I love your pictures, good blog!

Sheryl Tuttle said...

I didn't know you were a hockey fan! Being from New England, my husband & I have done our fair share of cheering, but particularly for the Bruins. How are they doing this year? We don't get to see or hear much about hockey being in the South. My future brother-in-law plays every Sunday though!

Vic DiGital said...

I was born and raised (for a while) in Canada, and hockey was the only sport I played growing up.

The Bruins are in the playoffs but aren't expected to do all that well. You'll just have to settle for every OTHER Boston-area sports team to do great in the playoffs this year...