Friday, April 11, 2008

Mission: Impossible - The Tammy Lowe edition

This is another blast from the past. This video was done for a friend of mine, Tammy, who was making an elaborate video for her friend Cheryl as a surprise birthday gift. I don't remember what the genesis of the Mission: Impossible part was, but I think it turned out really good. It's still some of the best editing I think I've ever done, and this was in the days BEFORE computer editing. If you look closely, you'll even catch a glimpse of me in there. If I remember right, there's something like 160 edits in a 45 second long video. That's a lot.

Obviously it integrates footage from the actual title sequence of the first Mission: Impossible film, but not a whole lot.

And finally, a bit of explanation for the first couple of seconds. Tammy had brought up BAGS of video she'd shot over the years of her and her friends (all of which went into the overall video we produced for Cheryl). After a particularly long day of working on the video, we suddenly couldn't find most of the tapes. Where had they gone?? Well, while we were working, the cleaning people came in and picked up what looked like (to them) a garbage bag filled with tapes. They'd then proceeded to toss them all in the dumpster out behind the building. Fortunately, we figured this out before the dumpster got emptied and I thought it would be fun to videotape Tammy digging through the trash retrieving grimy tapes. I don't think any of them were permanently damaged, thankfully.

Fun memories... good times...

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Tammy Lowe Hardey said...

Making this video is one of my favorite adventures and the "dumpster" is only one of the MANY stories...there should be a "behind the scenes"- it was a tremendous hit at the 'going away' party for Cheryl and one of her all time favorite gifts. I never get tired of watching it. I can't wait for the day my boys are old enough to watch it and and cringe with embarrassment and tell me what a big dork I am (I'm sure that will not be the 'term' they use).