Friday, April 18, 2008

Simpsons A.D.

A.D. as in Arrested Development, one of the top five comedy series of all time. I'll talk about it more one day, but for today, I came across a website where an artist named Dean T Fraser has done a series of cool Simpsonized movie and TV characters. Above, you see a Simpsonized version of Tobias Funke during his time as a member of Blue Man Group. There's also a nod to Tobias being an adherent to "Never Nude". (Trust me, this all works in the context of the show.) (Hey... I just realized that I can embed an entire episode within this post.)

Arrested Development only lasted three truncated seasons, but it's a masterpiece from beginning to end. Ironically, the show that the above image uses as its inspiration, The Simpsons, is a show that has been on the air now for about 18 seasons or so, and for me, stopped being funny about a decade ago.

Anyway, the other Simpsonized characters are very well done. Here are a few of my favorites.

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