Friday, April 11, 2008

A Torch was Passed Tonight

Yes... tonight, for the first time, fair and square, with me not slacking off or holding back, my son Ryan stomped me in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. I was pwned as the kids say. And it wasn't even close. I answered my first question correctly, then missed my second question. Ryan had four pie pieces before he missed his next question. He had six when I had one. While he was attempting to land on the center slot for the win, I managed to get another pie piece, but that was it. He nailed the winning question on his second opportunity.

A tiny part of it can be attributed to my having had a draining week and I just want to go to sleep. But most of it is that he has simply surpassed me in Star Wars movie knowledge. He's watched the movies many times over the past year or two, so it only stands to reason that it will be a lot more fresh in his mind. But not that long ago, I would have nailed almost all of the questions. Just a sad occurrence that my overall Star Wars interest has faded somewhat once Episode III came out.

But I'm very proud of Ryan. He's even more amazed at how easily he stomped me.

We'll have to play again soon jut to see if it was anomaly or if my days as the Star Wars Master have indeed come to an end. The son has supplanted the father. Luke has defeated Darth Vader.

Yeah, I know it's just a game... let me have my metaphor.

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